The beautiful Craigantlet Farm, Bot River. 
Owned by Taryn & Roddy Hall & home to a small scale business of rearing free range pigs.

The comparison between Roddy's hormone free, truly free-range product &  supermarket pork is undeniable. The taste, flavour, texture and colour of Craigantlet meat is by far superior to anything you can find in your local South African shops. 

But most importantly, one can feel good about eating a product you know was reared with honest, ethical farming practices.

Quality over quantity is what Craigantlet Pork represents & it should be something we all encourage. Large scale pig farms ( piggeries ) are frightful places. If you knew the conditions non free range pigs are forced to live in you'd understand why the product mostly available to you, sold in major supermarket chains, is pale, flabby and unappetizing. 

Roddy's pigs have enclosed paddocks in which to roam freely. Their diet is supplemented with hormone free pellets, vegetables grown on the farm or otherwise sourced locally.
When it's time for slaughter, the pigs are personally taken by Roddy to an Abattoir in nearby Napier.

Roddy uses the skills & services of a local farmer, who has the cold room facilities and basic equipment to get the required cuts.
The pork is then delivered, the same day, straight to Cape Town.

Thus you get to enjoy the most delicious, fresh, free range pork.

Free Range Pork will always be more expensive than non free range . Fact. What you pay for is a much higher quality product, that is free from all the nasty practices involved in industrial scale farming. Ie: you pay for healthy, pure meat. 

However, considering the quality of the pork, our costs are still relatively low.

A large contributing factor to our low cost is the minimal butchering costs incurred. 
Our current butcher has the basic skills to deliver the cuts we want, but does not offer his time to offer the refined butchery techniques many of us are used to. 
These skills include mostly trimming, neatening of cuts and fancy packaging. 

The benefit to you is a much lower price but a more elementary piece of butchery.
This does allow for you to practice some of your own kitchen skills, but we also understand not everyone is interested in doing so.

Thus we would love your response to the product and based on feedback we'll move into finding a butcher and facility which can offer a more refined product. 
The flip side however would mean an increase in price.

Let us know what you think.

Please get in touch.
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